May 2, 2010

Indian food in London

One of the MOST delicious Indian meals I've ever eaten in my life!!!


Keith Eckstein said...

It looks yummy! I'm jealous! I sometimes still miss a good Indian meal.

Could you bring me back a doggy bag?

Leesa said...

Hi Keith...

I DOOOO know what you mean... Paris has terrible Indian food, even though there are so many Indians there.. I think they use cheap quality products and they just don't care... I've had Indian food all over outside of France and it's all been DELISH!
My hubby and I will go back in August.... I can't wait!!!
I wish I could send some back for you and Jilly...
Take care,

Notes from Noël said...

Oh my gosh!! Tom and I always eat Indian food in London - so incredibley delicious!! Miam!

Ron said...

Leesa, you could be a food photographer!


I can actually smell and taste it from Philly! I wanna grab that piece of bread and GOBBLE it up!


Hi Anne!!!!!

Leesa said...

Hey Noelle...

YEP! Isn't it the greatest?!!! YUMMM!!!!

Hi Ron... Thanks! I just want to grab some more of this stuff, too!!! It was DELISH!!!! Thanks for the compliments!