May 18, 2010

Google 4 Doodle... GO and VOTE...

Okay folks, it's time to vote for a Google Doodle - drawn by kids... I voted for this one because I thought it was very detailed and I liked the theme... It was drawn by an 8 year old? SAY WHAT?

Vote HERE.

Travel Through Time

Traveling back through time I would visit places and people that I learned about in school and bring things back, like extinct animals and dinosaurs. Traveling to the future I would learn about new inventions and bring things back, like medicines and technology. A time machine would help the world.

Name: Indira Mishra

Age: 8

School: Bluewater Elementary

City, State: Niceville, Florida


Anonymous said...

Hi Leesa,
Thank you for supporting and voting for me! This is Indira Mishra! THANK YOU!!!!

Leesa said...

Hi Indira!

What an honor to have you stop by and leave a comment! You are VERY welcome and I really hope you win! I'm very impressed with your talent and I encourage you to continue... If you love art- go for it!! I was an elementary school teacher for years and saw a lot of talent in my students over the years...
I'll never forget one student Eric Flyod - age 8 - in 1990, who was sooo extremely talented in art. I don't know what ever became of him, but I hope he did something with his art.
Good luck to you and we'll stay tuned for the results of the contest.
All my best to you...

awesomeboy said...

congratz indira for winning i go yo your school and it is hung up in our hallway