May 27, 2010

Blogging brings the world closer!

Back in March, a fellow blogger (Mervat @ The Writing Instinct) and I started communicating by email. She told me that she and her husband would be traveling to Paris (from Australia) in May. I suggested we meet up during her stay... I just LOVE meeting "blogging" friends in person and what better place to host a friendly meeting but the lovely city of Paris!

So, after Barbara and I visited the "Nature Capitale" on Monday, we headed over to the hotel where Mervat and her husband were staying to have a drink and await Mervat's return to the hotel.

It was a wonderful time spent in talking and getting to know a little bit about one another. We spent time in the wonderful hotel- the Intercontinental - and sipped on brightly colored soda water (mint syrup and grenadine syrup).

I'm glad that Barbara was with me so that she could also meet Mervat, as well. What a nice day! It was a pleasure to meet you, Mervat! See you the next time you are in Paris!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

When I first started my blog it was mainly for family to know what I was up to. I now have so many friends all over the world and I am loving every minute of it. Diane

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

You are BEST advocate for promoting bloggers meeting bloggers!

You GO, girl!

So great seeing you and Barb in the photos. You both look super!

And Hello, Mervat! Nice to meet you!


Leesa said...

Hi Diane...

Me. too... I am really blessed with wonderful friends I've made from blogging- all over the world!!!

Ron -- I just LOVE promoting/connecting via blogging... It's the BEST!!!!

Thanks for your lovely words! One day, you and I will meet!!

Houda said...

Isn't my sis just gorgeous?


Leesa said...


Yes! She is... Ma'shallah!

Thanks for stopping by!

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

I enjoyed getting out & about to you, but I think that I enjoyed the best this second part of the afternoon.

I enjoyed meeting you too, Mervat. Keep in touch via the blogs!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa

Yeah so great to meet bloggers face to face and become friends :-) :-)

Leesa said...

Barbara -

We're really lucky to have our "blogging" and to meet so many really cool people!"

Anne- Yes!! Such a great way to meet new friends!
Like you and Barbara!!

The Writing Instinct said...

Hi to Leesa and to Diana, Ron, Houda, Anne in Oxfordshire and Barbara,

What an honour it was to meet two such amazing women as Leesa and Barbara. My trip to Paris was all the more richer for having met these two wonderful ladies who have called Paris their home for many, many years. I cannot wait to be back and to maybe meet more blogger friends in the future. If ever you should visit Sydney...

Lots of love,

Leesa said...

Hi Mervat...

Glad to see you made it home safe and sound... It was so wonderful to meet you and as you said-- Until the next time... that's for sure!!

I know your kids are sooo happy to have you back with them! When we are in Sydney, we will DEFIN. be meeting up with you! That's for certain!