May 25, 2010

Between friends - Madrid, Spain

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The Writing Instinct said...

Hi Leesa,

I enjoyed our meeting and chatting the other day. It was just so lovely to meet you and Barbara. Would you mind sending me the link to her blog?

Have a great day!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have never been to Portugal, but as we have friend who have bought a house there, hopefully I will, in the not too distant future get to see it. Diane

Leesa said...

Hi Diane...

It's DEFIN. a great place to visit... I was only in Lisbon but I LOVED it! I had to change the info, though... b/c the pic is Madrid, not Lisbon.. Whoops!

Leesa said...

Hi Mervat...

It was our pleasure!! Hope we can do it again when you're back in Paris!