May 24, 2010



Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

There are so many different edible mushrooms it amazes me. I just wish I could identify them all! Artichokes I just love, I have a couple of plants in the garden but last year they were hopeless. They still seem very slow this year. Diane

Leesa said...


I know! Isn't it amazing?! And then the ones you can find on your grass can make you as sick as a dog!!!
They're fascinating to me... I love the red ones with the white spots!
Keep up with the gardening..


Ron said...


Did you know that articokes are my second favorite veggie? Asparagus is my first.

However, I also love lima beans.

I love artichokes stuffed with Italian bread crumbs and seasonings, and then baked!

My ex's mother use to make them that way. I couldn't stand the woman, but I loved her cooking.



Leesa said...

Hi Ron...

Nope, I had no idea but cool!! I haven't eaten an artichoke in ages.. This is very motivating for me... I should eat one soon!!
Sounds YUMMY!! I've never tried "stuffed artichokes" -
sounds yummy!!

That's funny what you wrote about your ex's mom-- Haha!!!

Take care,

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

You can find beauty in the simplest of objects. Even the patterns & textures of fruits & veggies are interesting.
Well done :)
You seem to have a nice marché in Antony. I know that you & Alex are regulars!
Now that I will be having more time, I should return to the marché.


Leesa said...

Hi Barbara,

You are soo right about that... And our marché in Antony is must FANTASTIQUE!!!!
I hope you will visit sometime with me...