April 6, 2010


In September 2007, we had a visit from my dad, stepmom, brother (Josh) and sis-in-law, Teresa. We spent some time in the Loire Valley and visited a few of my favourite castles. It was a lot of fun!

The beautiful chateau Chambord

Dad- striking a pose!

Me and Mer


Josh and Dad

Group shot-- The Fam! Dad, Mer, Alex, Josh and Teresa!

Alex and I are getting ready to take a trip in a few weeks. We're going to St. Malo/Mount St. Michel in Normandy and then to the Loire Valley. Our friends, Sonia and Thierry, have a FANTASTIC bed and breakfast at Cheverny, just 5 minutes from the castle. We always stay at their B&B not only because they are dear people, but because their place is one of the cutest and most charming places I have ever stayed in. Click HERE for the link to their site.

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Andrea said...

Fantastic pics! The Loire Valley is one of the few places in France I haven't really explored. I can't wait to go there, it looks amazing.

Hope you have a great trip. St Malo and Mont St Michel are great places to visit. I know you're a vege but the pre-salted lamb is amazing. The lamb eat in the salt marshes so their diet is very high in salt giving the meat a salty flavour, lol.

I look forward to seeing your pics of Mont St Michel :)