March 7, 2010

Strawberry vanilla pound cake cupcakes

with strawberries and whipped cream filling! These came out really cute... I hope everyone enjoyed them... They seemed to, at any rate!

The process was slowed down just a little when I realized I had forgotten to thaw out the strawberries the day before-- end result -- a frozen "brick" of strawberries!

Solution: Heat up in micro long enough for them to thaw out so I could remove them from the container!! This worked fine... except it changed the consistency and I no longer had those nice slices of strawberry-- it was more like a "mush."

So, I got really creative and made a strawberry sauce" almost like making jam, but not cooked as long-- just long enough for the strawberries to stew and become sauce-like in texture... It was perfect!

I then cut the cupcakes in half and "stuffed" them with whipped cream and strawberry sauce!

They came out nice!


Ksam said...

These were SO delicious Leesa - everybody in my Finnish class was jealous when they saw me bringing mine in!! :)

au soleil levant said...

Another gorgeous batch of cupcakes! I need to get back over there so I can eat some!

Leesa said...

Thanks Sam!!

How funny about your fellow classmates!! : )

Mira -- Thanks!! Come on down!! I'll bake you some AND make you ice cream!!!!

Noor said...

OMG can you send me about 12, lol.