March 31, 2010


I have been an AVID Eros fan since my friend, Claudia in Austria, introduced me to his music during my trip to Salzburg in 1990. Since then, I have been "in love" with Eros-- he's gorgeous and has a voice that is not like anyone else's! I saw him in Los Angeles in 1996 with Lindsey and Frances. That was the last time I saw him in concert... and I have been waiting that long to see him!!!Last night was my night! It was sooo fantastic that there are no words I can use to describe my sentiments....


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

I can actually FEEL your excitement about seeing him!

How wonderful!

I bet you had the time of your life!


Leesa said...

Whoooo hooooo!! It was SOOOOOO exciting!!!!!
I DID have the time of my life!!