March 30, 2010

My East Coast family at Passover...

My aunt sent me these pics yesterday of their Passover cedar. Passover is one of those holidays that I remember from childhood.... I used to always go to my best friend's house for the cedar because my parents weren't "practicing" Jews... Debi's dad was from Poland and even lived through the Holocaust as a boy- I remember the numbers tattooed on his arm.
My aunt and uncle in New Jersey keep the holidays and even do the Sabbath (though I don't know if they do it every week).... I have two cousins, Amanda and Abigail.. their husbands, David and Adam.. and each of them have two kids a piece, giving me four young "second" cousins! They're all super adorable!! So, here they are, celebrating the first night of Pesach at my aunt and uncle's.


Ron said...

Happy Passover, Leesa!


Leesa said...

Thanks Ron!!!