March 3, 2010

I'm a WINNER-- literally!! Paris Chic--- that's ME!!

I WON!! I WON!! I won a lovely Green Bag Lady bag made from a special fabric designs by Amy Butler. Teresa is the one who makes these wonderful bags and the bag I won was from a President's Day give away! I am was so excited to have won, AND I was doubly excited when I received my bag in the mail yesterday- All the way from Nashville, TN!! Thanks so much, Teresa! I really LOVE my bag and I have already put it to good use today! Here are some pics of me and my new bag in the Parc de Sceaux! It's so stylish... it's Paris Chic!
*Picture above taken from Green Bag Lady website. Here is the link with the giveaway.

Here are some fashion shots with me and my bag.. Oh là là!! C'est très chic!

Lovely background scenery to go with my fun new bag!

Up close and personal with my green bag! WOW!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

WOW Leesa..How wonderful, it is gorgeous. I love the photos of the park too :-) xx

Ron said...


Woo! Woo!

The bag is absolutely fabulous! LOVE the colors! And it goes so well with the blouse you had on.

VERY sharp!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. you look great standing in front of that castle!

Leesa said...

THANKS Anne and Ron!!!

It was fun winning... YAY! And... taking the pics of me and the bag... YAYYY!!! Sorry to Barbara and Emily as I took my coat on and off to pose for the pics!

Anonymous said...

congrats what a wonderful bag for a wonderful gal I LOVE YOUR BAG TOO Miss you much pamela