March 8, 2010

Ethiopian lunch on Saturday...

We went out to celebrate Animesh's b-day with friends. We went to the resto- Godjo in Paris (in the 5th). It was really delish-- nice and SPICY!!!Alex had the meat combo

I had the vegetarian combo

Restaurant details:

Restaurant Traditionnel Ethiopien Paris : Le Godjo
8 Rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique
75005 Paris, France
01 40 46 82 21

Rated 3.3 out of 5.0

10 reviews - Write a review
Open Daily 11am-3pm, 6pm-2am
Menu and more »

Here's our lovely cook... She got a kick out of me taking the picture!!


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Both your meals look absolutely DELISH!!!!

You two look so cute together, too!

{{{ Leesa and Alex }}}}


shannon said...

Looks so yummy!

David said...

Is that the restaurant on rue de l'École Polytechnique?
I've meant to try it since forever ago, and still haven't.

Leesa said...


YES! It was delish... My aunt Elsie (my uncle's 2nd wife.. they been divorced for several decades now, is Ethiopian and I grew up with the food... I LOVE it!! It's nice and spicy!!

Shannon.. YES! Very yummy!!

David.. Yes.. I added the info... Do you like spicy food?

David said...

Spicy has never been an issue for me.
I like spicy food when it's good, and I don't like it when it's not good. ;)

(I'm not one of those French people that faint at the mere idea of spicy. There's this Chinese traiteur, every time I go and ask for spicy sauce with my dumplings, the woman wants to give me sweet & sour, and I tell her "no spicy" and she'll ask me at least three times "are you sure?" before handing it to me... and it's not even that spicy, but that tells a lot about her average customers).

Leesa said...

That's good... That you are not afraid of spicy!! People miss out on soo much... but I DO understand when people cannot "handle" spicy b/c it's hard on their body... That I get!

Soooo, it would just depend if you like Ethiopian cuisine or not.. Seeing that you have never tasted it before (right?) ... you just have to try it and see if you like it or not.. It's heavy and rich.. but for me, growing up with an Ethiopian aunt, who cooked up some GREAT meals.. I LOVE it... Alex really liked it but said it's something he'd eat occasionally as it's "heavy." He says his favs are Indian and Thai... and then Mexican and Japanese... So, Ethiopian is "up" there for him, but not high on the list...
Anyhow.. let me know if you try it and if you like it or not..
Take care,

Leesa said...

P.S. I'm not sure I understand what you wrote here:

"sweet & sour, and I tell her "no spicy" and she'll ask me at least three times "are you sure?" before handing it to me... and it's not even that spicy, but that tells a lot about her average customers). "

Sweet and sour isn't hot sauce to mean-- do you mean the red chili sauce that comes in a bottle?? That stuff can be pretty hot.. I had a bad reaction to it once and it burned my throat and I thought I was
having an allergic reaction so we called 911 (I was at my friend's Thai resto in S.D.) The paramedics told me that it must gone the wrong way and burnt the sides of my esophagus... I had a very bad reaction but by the time they arrived, it was getting better... Guess I used to much!!!

So... what did you mean by that.. You said no to the sweet and sour sauce (which isn't HOT (spicy) and she asked you 3 times if you were sure?? I don't get it... When you told her no spicy... ?? Not sure what you meant..

David said...

Whoops, punctuation problem, my bad.

The dialogue went about this way:
"What sauce do you want?"
She puts a small 'cup' of sweet n' sour sauce in the bag.
"No. Spicy" (there I forgot the full stop in my previous message)
"Are you sure?"
"Are you sure? It's spicy."
"Yes, that's what I want, I actually don't really like sweet n' sour"
"OK..." (with a look on her face meaning: to your own risk, and don't come back and complain to me about it later)

And it's not exactly the chili pepper sauce in a bottle, it's dumpling sauce, but it's made from that sauce in a bottle.

++MIRA++ said...

ive never had ethiopian food.looks delish.

Leesa said...

Hi David...

WOW! What a diff. punctuation makes! I totally understand second time around... Okay... I gotcha and yes.. I am not a fan of sweet and sour sauce... I haven't tasted it in France, but if it's the same as in the U.S. then the first thing that throws me off is the colour of that stuff-- it's a weird orange colour and looks kind of translucent! I LOVE spicy sauce... but I guess it just depends which type!
I asked for number 4 spicy once at an Indian resto in Strasbourg and the dish was NOT spicy (hot) at all... Later, my friend (who is Indian) explained that particular dish was not a spicy (hot) dish... oops.. I had a add the hot peppers that he brought on the side to make it hot... I still think they could have added chili peppers to make it hot ... BUT, they were probably afraid.. (Even though I always say-- I'm NOT French, so BRING ON the spices... Lots of them!!!

Leesa said...

Hi ++Mira++

At first, I thought you were my friend, Mira, in Michigan! Thanks for visiting! LOVE your blog, too!
Hope you get to try Ethiopian food soon!

Leesa said...
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Nadege said...

I like Ethiopian people and their food. My friends and I go to little Ethiopia on Fairfax avenue.
It is always fun to eat with our fingers.

Noor said...

Oh wow the food looks good and your so pretty. When I first got married my husband I and lived in a building that was all Ethiopians and I never even tried the food bc I was so bored of the smells I always smelled, lol. Kind of funny seeing how I cook all other ethnic foods. I did try injera and was not fond of it. They do cook food similar to the way we do in Saudi and their coffee looks a lot the same although here we use green beans not roasted so the coffee is clear and taste like cardamom.

Anonymous said...

azul (coucou) leesa , c est le jeune kabyle( berbere's) chauffeur de bus paladin a antony sa va ???? a plus .

Leesa said...

Marhaba Noor---

Thanks for stopping by...

I don't know too much about the cuisine from Saudi but I spent years with people from Dubai... and cooked alongside my friend/yakhti Fatma... and a lot of the dishes we cooked were Indian and Arabic... YUUMMM!!!! I esp. loved the time during Ramadan!!
I know the coffee, though... it's good-- and strong!!
I grew up with Ethiopian food, as I mentioned.. and I really love the taste and different spices...

Marhaba Kabyle -

Merci d'être venu à mon blog. J'espère que tout va bien...


Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

That looked delish :)
I don't mind spicy ( at least if won't burn your mouth off).I agree with David; French are not always wanting to try spicy foods.

See you next week, after my break.
Take care XX

Anonymous said...

bonne vacance a toi
tes visiteurs ne parlent pas tous et toutes en français , c est dommage, I speak a little in english , tu peux me presenter tes copines lol.
chez nous en kabylie (kabylia) ont dit azul pas marhaba
allez ciao , quand est ce que tu reviendras sur antony ????
il est tres bien ton blog , i t s very good thank you leesa