March 31, 2010

A baguette for your thoughts....

Just being silly with my baguette... It was a nice, sunny day last week! I felt soooo French carrying my baguette around with me on the street.. Except that I didn't take a bite out of the end, like people typically do here!


I have been an AVID Eros fan since my friend, Claudia in Austria, introduced me to his music during my trip to Salzburg in 1990. Since then, I have been "in love" with Eros-- he's gorgeous and has a voice that is not like anyone else's! I saw him in Los Angeles in 1996 with Lindsey and Frances. That was the last time I saw him in concert... and I have been waiting that long to see him!!!Last night was my night! It was sooo fantastic that there are no words I can use to describe my sentiments....

Easter Bread in time for Easter

It's as easy as making bread-- Well, okay... it DOES take some time-- two rising times... so be prepared to give yourself a lot of time for prep! It's worth it, though! I love finding and trying new recipes! This one is in honor of a woman who I hold very dear to my heart... A very cute and funny lady, named Anna (Annie) who was Sicilian/American. I used to call her "Nona" (grandma). She used to make these every year as part of her Easter tradition and give them out to friends..

Annie passed away in July 2006 while I was away on a trip with friends (just before I moved to France). I remember getting the phone call from my friend, Margo... and though Annie's health wasn't great, because of her diabetes and other issues, I thought she'd keep going another 10 years, at least... Just on her energy and pep, alone! Annie was a source of comedy in Little Italy... She was a little lady who could cuss up a storm... It was hilarious! I have such fond memories of her... from her little red cart that she used to ride around... GO ANNIE... to her elaborate Betty Boop collection and her very sweet smile!! Her smile and laugh could melt an iceberg! I really loved her and miss her a lot! These are for you, sweet Annie... Happy Easter!

Annie is in the far right corner with me in braids leaning over her shoulder.. back in 2004. From left to right-- Richard, Margo, Mary, me, Annie. Our little Motley Crew at Cafe Italia, Little Italy.

Here's the recipe if anyone is interested. Click HERE.
*Note: I used the zest from one large orange and cut up pieces of candied orange. I didn't use anise seeds or nuts... or any other spices, but my friend, Tonio, uses orange juice in his Easter bread... I don't know how much but I will find out...
Also: My uncooked dyed eggs didn't cook all the way- the yolk was still undercooked (a little liquidy) after 25 minutes of baking... Not sure why, but it may have to do with the fact that I have to lower the temp on our oven so it didn't cook at the recommended temp. Some recipes do say that you can used cooked hard eggs-- If I do it again next time, I may cook the eggs partially. Let me know if you make this... Enjoy and Happy Easter!

March 30, 2010

Thinking about San Diego and it's beautiful weather!

Friends in San Diego have been telling me that the weather is just "perfect" there these days... between 75- 80F! I don't remember what that kind of weather feels like!! I was heading to the bus stop today to get to the gym (first time in 3 weeks) since I've been sick... But, the weather is soooo CRAPPPPPY this morning... GRAY, WET, WINDY, COLD that I turned around and came back home!!!
No sense getting sick all over again.... I still don't have all of my energy back and my nose is still runny/stuffy... and my asthma has been plaguing me... So, I'm back at home on the sofa... blogging away.. warm and I'm NOT going out until it's time to work this afternoon... and then the concert is tonight... at Bercy!
EROS RAMAZZOTTI... I'm only sad that it is supposed to rain tonight, too!!

**Pictures of Eros taken off the net and pictures from San Diego from a friend.

My East Coast family at Passover...

My aunt sent me these pics yesterday of their Passover cedar. Passover is one of those holidays that I remember from childhood.... I used to always go to my best friend's house for the cedar because my parents weren't "practicing" Jews... Debi's dad was from Poland and even lived through the Holocaust as a boy- I remember the numbers tattooed on his arm.
My aunt and uncle in New Jersey keep the holidays and even do the Sabbath (though I don't know if they do it every week).... I have two cousins, Amanda and Abigail.. their husbands, David and Adam.. and each of them have two kids a piece, giving me four young "second" cousins! They're all super adorable!! So, here they are, celebrating the first night of Pesach at my aunt and uncle's.

March 29, 2010

Blogger Problems for DISPLAYING images/photos March 29

Hey Folks,

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March 28, 2010

Changement d'heure

Time to advance the clocks an hour here in France. I DON'T mind this at all ... as I LOVE to have more daylight hours... I'm sooo happy we are now on daylight savings time! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

Swan lake at the Parc de Sceaux

March 27, 2010

White cherry blossoms...

...are magical! I feel like I'm in a fairy tale here when the flowers are in full bloom. It's a feeling I cannot describe in words...
Here are the trees waiting for their chance to bloom this spring.. a few more weeks, I'd say!

Here they are in full bloom last spring...

Here are the delicate white cherry blossoms.

les giboulées de mars (April showers but in March)

March showers, instead of "April showers." March is a time where the rain comes and goes as it likes... and the weather decides for itself what it wants to do... Last year, in March... Barbara and I were walking in the park and within an hour, we had SUN and blue skies, then rain, then hail, then clear blue skies again... It's funny!