February 18, 2010

Shawn White -- GOLD MEDALIST for the second time!

HALFPIPE GOLD MEDALIST in the 2006/2010 Olympics.
"At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, White again won gold in the halfpipe.[6] In the finals, White recorded a score of 46.8 on his first run, which proved a high enough score to secure the gold medal without a second run. He performed his second run anyway, ending his run with a double McTwist 1260.[7] This second run resulted in a record score of 48.4 (50 is the highest possible score) enlarging his margin of victory. His nearest competitor won the silver with a points total of 45.0, 3.4 behind White.[8]" WIKIPEDIA

Snowboarding career

"White has participated in two Winter Olympics in his career. At both the 2006 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Olympics, White won gold in the halfpipe. White has also participated in the Winter X Games, where he has won a medal every year since 2002. Including all winter X Games competitions through 2009, his medal count stands at 14 (9 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze), including the first four-peat winner by a male athlete in one discipline, the snowboard slopestyle. White's streak was snapped in 2007 when he lost to Andreas Wiig and Jussi Oksanen, with White taking the bronze. He won the Air & Style Contest in 2003 and 2004." Wikipedia

I'm just in AWE of these incredible snowboarders... Did anyone watch the Snowboarding event last night? I stayed up until almost 1 pm watching it... AMAZING!!! Good work to everyone.. and esp. to Shawn White, Olympic Gold Medalist... GO USA!!!!!

"With a gold medal in hand, Shaun White uncorked a superb Double McTwist 1260 and won his second consecutive Olympic halfpipe title. White's victory, coupled with Scotty Lago's third-place finish, secures U.S. rule over snowboarding." NBC Vancover See HERE for more info.

Native Californian and avid skater/snowboard since early childhood, Shaun White shreds the ice to win the Halfpipe in this year's Olympic Games! WOW!
**Pictures taken of the internet.


garcal said...

Dans le milieu du snowboard son surnom c'est la tomate volante (il est roux et saute très haut)

au soleil levant said...

YES!!! Honestly, wasn't that interested in snowboarding before I saw the amazing performances last night, and he was PHENOMENAL! Great hair, too.

Vagabonde said...

I watched the girls snowboarding this evening. Just can’t believe how high they go. I am always so scared that they will fall, but they don’t seem to care. I also am afraid to watch ice skating as I get so stressed when they do fall, don’t you think it’s stressful?

Leesa said...

Hey honey...

Ouais.. je le savais... en fait... il n'aime pas trop son surnom.. mais bon-- ça va rester maintenant, je pense....

Mira-- I KNOW.. Well, I had never watched it before so I had NOOOO idea! But, I love stuff like skateboarding, surfing... so it's in the same category! Just awesome and amazing to watch!!!

Vagabonde -- I know what you mean.. I'm always scared for them, too.. Just because I know if it were me, I would be terrified out of my wits... I think there is a certain "No fear" feeling that they have b/c they are soooo used to doing this-- but they know there is ALWAYS the possibility to fall and get hurt... It goes with the sport... Glad they where helmets!!!!