February 12, 2010

London Calling!! Calling all Londoners...

My plans are finalized for spring break....

I'll be spending a few days in London, a place I've not yet visited... and a few days with my dear friend, Anne from Oxfordshire in her lovely town. Good friend and fellow blogger of mine, Barbara will be coming over, as well! What a fun trip this will be!

So... my question! Are there any of you who read my blog who live in London who are interested in meeting up for a tea/cupcake while I'm there? If so, please drop me a comment here! I really enjoy meeting people wherever I go, and I think it would be nice to meet up with some of you in London...

**Artwork taken from the blog, London Calling. You can check out the blog here.


Barbara said...

I'am so looking forward to this trip too :)
I sincerely hope that if you have any friends/ readers in London that this will be the happy occasion to finally meet up.
Happy weekend

Ron said...

Good Morning Leesa!

Oh boy, if I was living in Europe I would definitely be meeting you ladies!

Have a wondeful time.

Can't wait to see and hear all about it!

Have a great weekend!


Leesa said...

Hi Barbara--

MEEEE TOO!! Can't wait!!!

Ron -- Yes, I know and we would all have a GREATTTTTTTTTTT time!!!! Maybe some day in the near future!

Nadege said...

It will be a lot of fun. I hope the weather warms up soon.

Leesa said...

Hi Nadege...

Yes... It will! I am sure of it... The weather "should" warm up by end of April/beginning of May but you never know... it's London... Anything more that 10/15C will be welcomed at this point!!
Have a nice weekend!