February 6, 2010

Is that my MOP walking down the street?!

No, it's a Hungarian water dog (Puli) -- aka Rasta dog..

Alex and I just LOVEEEEE this picture.... *Taken off internet.


Andrea said...

Ohhhhh!!! How cute! I want one! I bet they're high maintenance though.

David said...

I love Pulis, I don't exclude getting one some day!

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

HOLY COW...I've never seen one of these dogs before, but it's incredible-looking!

I swear to god, it really DOES look like a mop!


Leesa said...

Hi Andrea..

I think so.. taking care of all those dreads and keeping the dog clean- esp. a white one!!! BIG job!


If you ever get one (start with a pup, of course) let me know.. I'll want to see it!!

Hi Ron...

I've seen a few in San Diego.. not a lot of them here or that I saw in S.D.
They're cute, though!!