February 27, 2010

Happy Blogiversary #3!!

found this picture here on a cute blog... called Not ust Nat: Natima's Creative Blog.

Yippeee!! Today my blog turns 3 years old!! I can't believe it... three years, already!! Well, I'd like to take this time to thank ALL of you who come by and read my little 'ol blog.. and all the friends/connections I've made thanks to this wonderful blog!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Woohooo Leesa, a date we will never forget, Our (arni and mine) wedding Anniversary... we are well connected, as you have my sisters birthday too.

What date is Alex's birthday? I am sure there was a connection too!

Yep without blogging we would never of met up :-)

Ron said...

Hip-hip hooray!!!!!

Congrats on your 3 year anniversary, Leesa!

I am soooooooooooooo glad we met through our blogs!

Wishing you many more years of wonderful blogging, my friend!


Leesa said...

Thanks Anne and a Happy Anniversary (again) to you and Arnie...

Alex's b-day is Dec. 9 Let me know if there is a connection there!


Ron ---

Hey there!! Thanks sooo much and I'm likewise very happy we met through blogging VIA Barbara! I really hope to meet you one day in person!!
Have a great weekend!

Barbara said...

Congrats to you Leesa !
3 years; you rock :)

Yes, we all would have been strangers in each other's corners of the globe. I especially think how sad if we never met, being just a few towns over.

Life is good ...
Bises xxx

Leesa said...

Hi Barbara...

Yes.. I agree! We would have all been strangers, for sure!!! Glad that blogging has brought us all together like it has!! I'm forever grateful!!
Take care,

Marie said...

Congrats Leesa !
That's funny, my daughter's birthday in Dec 9 too !! We definitely have to do those cupcakes and send a picture to you pretty soon ! As soon as we move, we'll do so (in a month or so). Si you'll get pictures of our new kitchen and a big smile in my daughter's face (because of the cupcakes, of course !!).

Leesa said...

Thanks so much Marie!! Dec. 9 is a cool date!!!

I would LOVE to get some pics from you when you make the cupcakes... No hurry!!

Leese : )

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