February 6, 2010

At Aunt Merle and Uncle Irv's place in Princeton, New Jersey


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Looks like it has been snowing in NJ, just like all over the East Coast.

Nadege said...

Lovely effect!

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

OMG...how CUTE!!!!!

Yup...that's about as much snow as we got here in Philly too!

AND...we're getting more this coming week!

Hope you had a great weekend, my friend!


Leesa said...

Hi Elizabeth...

YES, a lot of snow all over the east coast... We don't get that much here... thank goodness!!

Hi Nadege -- Thanks! Everything looks so pretty and dreamy when it's snow covered!

Ron -

Stay warm!! I hope don't get TOO much more snow this coming week!!
Take care my friend and enjoy the week!