January 7, 2010

Sushi Thursday!

Well, I didn't have sushi today, but I had the picture to post... I had some yesterday for a very late lunch! YUM!!


Nadege said...

I LOVE sushi.

Cheryl said...

Just took a tour of your wonderful vacation photos. Oh, Nice & Dublin look so pretty in the rain! Happy New Year!

Michelle Dawn said...

Love the pic but I can honestly say I've never had sushi before. hope you don't mind but I linked you on my blog.

Leesa said...

Hi Nadege!

MEEEE TOOO!!! And Alex, too!!!

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for checkout out my vacation pics... Rain is nice, as long as it's not too cold out!!! Happy New Year's to you, too!!

Hi Michelle Dawn,
Thanks for linking to me ... Of course I don't mind... It's a great way to keep up on each other's blogs!! Cheers...

Oh yah.. and go try some sushi sometime.. If you don't want to eat the fish.. you can order vegetarian sushi.. YUM!!!! Take care, Leesa

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Well, this is a beautiful photo, but you know ME....

...no sushi for meshi.