January 1, 2010

Proud to introduce two of my favourite food blogs

I can't stop drooling over the pictures I see on some of the blogs out there and have only the highest respect and admiration for the people who not only are wonderfully talented in the kitchen, but to then share their delicious creations and beautiful photos with their audience... well what more can I say but that I am very proud to introduce to you two of my very FAVOURITE food blogs.

First is one I have been following for over a year now, Cafe Fernando, by Cenk who writes from Istanbul, Turkey (one of the countries that is on my top 5 to visit). Here is his wonderful blog,

Second is a blog that I discovered only about a month or two ago while browsing the net for recipes. I am just so happy to have found this jem of a blog, "Canelle et Vanille," by Aran who is a Basque ex-pat living in the U.S.

Please take the opportunity to check out both of these blogs and let me know what you think.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa...I just don't know how they do it...amazing, and I have been reading Canelle et Vanille for a long time ..fantastic photos. Another one I love looking at is this ....


French expat, living in Boston with her Irish-American husband and little girl. Amazing too!!

Cenk said...

Leesa - Thanks a lot for your kind words. So glad to hear you're enjoying my posts!

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the link... Her blog reminds me of Canelle et Vanille....

Cenk- Thanks so much for stopping by! I am just so inspired and in awe with your lovely photos and dishes... Well, 'nough said!! Hope to meet you one day, too.. when you come back to Paris.

All my best,