January 12, 2010

Mozart, L'Opera Rock - chez l'auberge

L'aubergiste - Venez boire un coup.
My FAVORITE actor in the show... I just ADORE Merwan Rim!

Mozart-- Mikeangelo Loconte: A SUPERB Mozart and very cute with his cute Italian accent! LOVEEEEEE him!!!

I just LOVE the series of shots to follow with Mozart amidst his barmaids! I had NO idea Mozart was such a "ladies man!"

Look at that dress!! I loved their costumes and wigs/makeup!!

Ending with a shot of Merwan Rim again! Such a looker!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I agree with you Leesa, such a looker indeed :-)

Leesa said...


Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

FAB pics !! Now, you had a great seat up there to be able to do these shoots.And if the boy in the shot is a good looker ( he is), all the better !!

Big warm hugs XX

Penny said...

I really wish this show would come to Annecy - the men in it as so damn good-looking!!

Leesa said...

Thanks Barbara...

I got sooo hooked that I had to keep looking for the "best" seats the computer had to offer... I was VERY lucky to have had such great seats!!!

Penny-- I wish for you, too!! I wish it was still in Paris.. I would keep going and I'd be BROKE by now!!
You're right about the men.. and the women... They were all beautiful.... Great cast... great eye candy for everyone... the whole show-- EVERYTHING about it... was a PURE FEAST for the eyes!!!!