January 6, 2010

Me and Barbara in the SNOWWWWWW.. today!

The lovely scarf I'm wearing was a gift from my beautiful friend, Vartouhy in Glendora, California who came to Paris in Dec. for her b-day!


Andrea said...

How come there is always snow where you are and never here???

Happy new year and see you soon!

Ron said...

Oh my gosh...these photos are so FUN!!!


Hi Leesa!

Hi Barb!

It's so neat seeing you gals together!!!

LOVE the scarf, Leesa. It looks so warm and cozy!


Leesa said...

Hi Andrea-- MY GOD, you should see this a.m!!!! I hope you guys got LOTS of snow in Paris!!! Okay... We have a TON of snow now...
I sent an email to explain why ....

Ron-- THanks for stopping by-- I know, for you to see your two favourite French bloggers together, must be fun and funny!! I'm so blessed to have my dear friend and fellow blogger, Barbara living so close to me!! YAYY!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa

What a fun day out you had :-) great to see my two friends together, having loads of fun. Yes it is so great for you both to live near each other.

I love your scarf, what lovely gift.

Hugs Anne x

Leesa said...

Thanks Anne... It was nice together and "catch up!"
It's great that we live so close, that's for sure!!

I love the scarf, too... Such a nice gift!
Take care and stay warm...

Hugs back 2u,

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

Boy arene't we two brave wahines ? :)
I was glad to have caught you yesterday with just a "sprinkling" than today's snow !

Keep warm and take care XX

Leesa said...

Yes, we ARE! I'm going to be "brave" right now by going outdoors to take pics and stop by the bank!

Take care and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

That IS a beautiful scarf, really nice.

Vagabonde said...

That is a lovely scarf your friend gave you. I had a cousin called Vartouhi, she was Armenian, it’s a pretty name.

Leesa said...

Hi 2or3 Things...

Thanks.. I really like the style and it's really WARM, too!!

Vagabonde- Thanks.. My friend, Vartouhy, is also Armenian... :) Small world! It is a lovely name! And my friend is really lovely, too!