January 7, 2010

Le Loir dans le Théière

Last week, Dawn and I met up with John (Mills) from NY and Jasmin for lunch at my favorite resto in the Marais... It was very crowded for lunch- either because of the holidays or because it's gained a lot of notoriety-- or both!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow I love that place... it is getting too well known, and I think your right, holiday time too!!!

Leesa said...

Yeh... I guess the word is OUT... about that place! Next time I go back, I'll ask them... But, maybe if I stop blogging about it, people won't keep learning about it.. hahahaha!!
Take care,

Michelle Dawn said...

The food looks so yummy!

Ron said...
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Ron said...

Hi Leesa!


Why is it that food looks better in France?????

I could eat ALL of the food in these photos and still want MORE!!

Beautiful shots, Leesa!


Vagabonde said...

I have known this salon de thé for a long time and usually go there after a shopping day when it is so nice to have a cup of tea with their delicious pastry.

Leesa said...

Hi Michelle Dawn - Trust me-- YUMMY!!! VERY!!!

Ron -- Hahaha!! Maybe, because.... it IS!!!!!
Although, I've been to many fine eating establishments in California and New York.. So, it's not only in France.. but you also have to know where to go, too!!! : )

Vagabonde- Yes.. One of the hidden (or not so hidden anymore) gems in Paris! I LOVE this place and any excuse to go back is fine with me! Glad you know of it, too!
When you come back for a visit... we can meet there!
Take care,