January 15, 2010

Friday.... and friends!

Today was a busy day for me....

I went to Paris this morning to meet Amy and Jasmin for a coffee (tea for me) at my fav. coffee house in Paris-- Malongo. Amy has been here in France for over a week and she's leaving on Monday! I really wanted to see her before she left... Yay... we got to meet today!

Me, Jasmin and Amy

After spending some time with Jas and Amy, I went on my way to meet Manda... whom I haven't seen in MONTHS! We met at my fav. bio/healthy resto Exki, in Montparnasse.

Manda Djinn was my "first" American friend in Paris... We met on Myspace in 2006 when I first arrived in Paris and have been friends since! It was really nice to see Manda after such a long time! She's a really sweet and FUNNY lady!!

We were met by Eliz at Exki and then moved to Starbucks... Eliz and Neil are moving back to Florida tomorrow after living here in France for the past two years... Eliz and I have become good friends and I will really miss her/them a lot!!

Saying good bye was made lighter by goofing around in the metro halls... Here, I snapped away as I knew these would be the last shots of us three together for who knows how long from now!