January 8, 2010

Florida-- HOW COLD IS IT?!

**Cited text and photo above from CNN.com
My brother said it was cold in Miami a few days ago while we Skyped. It was in the 40s sometime in the day there and was a record-breaking low for Miami. So, I check the weather there again tonight... and found this headline:
"It's even cold in Key West"
From (CNN) -- Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the continental United States, hit a 131-year low of 47 degrees Thursday and the forecast promised more of the same as icy cold swept across the Southeast.
Temperatures on Sunday and Monday at the tip of the Sunshine State are expected to be in the low-to-mid-40s. The fast-moving cold that gave Florida the chills also combined with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to dump a dangerous mix of ice and snow throughout the Southeast, coating roadways with a slick glaze.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa... Never mind it being cold in Miami or Key west, we had
- 17 the other night, I have never heard of it ...let alone felt it...It is horrendous here ..people across the world must think we are wimps but I have never in my life experienced it.

The Uk I know are rubbish at most things, trains breaking down,buses etc etc, and now this. We are even being told we might not have enough gas for heating...some places in Scotland have plummeted to -22 .. now I know for other countries that is normal but it is not normal for the UK.

keep warm my friend....we are bracing ourselves for what we are told is going to be a very bad weekend :-) hugs Anne

Notes from Noël said...

How crazy is the weather this winter?!?! I heard that the fruit (oranges and grapefruit) were also in trouble because of the severe cold. I also heard that Disney World closed because of the cold!!

Nadege said...

It will warm up soon. BTW, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote another book "connected". I know you love "eat, pray, love" so you might enjoy that one too.

Vagabonde said...

It has been frigid here in Atlanta. It snowed a bit last night so we went out today to take some pictures. The snow was melting quickly under the sun, but there was black ice in the shady areas. It was 25 degrees then, now it must be even colder.

Leesa said...

My GOD, Anne... I cannot imagine that MYSELF!! I mean, I'm a Cali. girl and all-- give me 25-23 C and some sun and surf.. I'll be fine!
But, this "winter weather" is really nothing to be reckoned with... I think next year, I will spend the month or two Jan/Feb. in Cali!!!! It's about 27-33 C there now.. SOooo jealous!

As you you all in the UK .. God bless you all and STAY WARM!!!!! Don't go out when you don't have to!

Noel -- I knew about the fruit trees (they gel when it's too cold! But, DW? Ah mon Dieu!!! It's cold there!! Soooo usual.. I think of it as a global climate change.. not global warming... Like the earth is trying to correct itself and produce colder temps to fight the global warming!!! Oh la la!

Nadege... Now would be a great time for me to be in Hawaii... This for the tip on the book! I'll have a look on Amazon.. Can't wait til the movie for the "Eat, Pray, Love" book comes out...
Take care....

Hi Vagabonde - -Stay warm!! It's so cold here.. Not sure what the temps are but it's hard to go out and stay outside for a long period of time when it's so cold... Feet and hands get cold.. even with warm socks and gloves..
Take care and stay warm!