December 20, 2009

Snow by Dusk.. Antony

Took this at dusk a few days ago...


Nadege said...

I am glad that you arrived safely in Strasbourg. This is perfect weather for Christmas. We are leaving for Hawaii tuesday morning. We will be back next year (lol). Have fun; I know you like the snow. Mount Baldi, Big Bear are covered with snow but I think it melt down by Mount Wilson. It was in the high 70's for the past few days at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Hello from california. It was warm here

Leesa said...

Hi Nadege,

Yes, I like snow! It looks pretty, but I don't like the COLD... Brrrrrr.... I'm jealous that you are going to Hawaii... which island are you going to? I dreamt about California and the beach last night!!!

Take care and have a great time on your trip!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Leesa said...

Hello to you to -Anonymous from California!

I just had a dream about Cali. last night... I miss it in times of cold weather over here... I think I'll come back to visit next year!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!! Who are you?!