December 11, 2009

Out for dinner with friends on Alex's B-day!

We went for Thai down the street from Eliz and Neil's... It was really good.. Here is Alex enjoying his b-day dessert.... Happy Birthday Honey!
*Notice the Pep. Farm cookies.. a b-day present from Dawn and Tom.... Merci... YUM!

Shrimp toast with sesame seeds.. Dawn had this... I didn't try it but everyone said it was good!

This was my green papaya salad... I always order this when we have Thai!
Delicious candied ginger that was sooo soft and fresh... YUM YUM!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I think I would go with your salad too.. :-) looks good.!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I wondered what the Cookies were doing there... he he he.

Leesa said...

Yeh... The salad was great.. I prefer Aimee's, though.. hehehe

P.S. Yep.. gift from our friends!