December 4, 2009

Mozart, L'Opera Rock - 29 November

This was such a FABULOUS performance!!


Ron said...


The color of the costumes were incredible!

I've never heard of this opera, but I bet it was GREAT!!

Thanks for sharing, Leesa!


Nadege said...

I agree with Ron. The colors are unbelievable! Your trip must have been a lot of fun too.

Leesa said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks... It's really a musical.. they're called comedie musicales here.. but not because they're funny... It's like how their are performances on Broadway.. but the good ones.. Not just any one.. These are super impressive and always have a magnificent cast! You would love it... I was soo happy with my seats, too..

Nadege.. Hey there.. Nice to hear from you again! It was such a GREAT show.. I am going next week, too.. AGAIN.. I have 6th row center this time and I'm taking my good camera... My trip was FANTASTIQUE!!!!

Take care,

Susu Paris Chic said...

The sweater on my pics is light pink... I've been wanting to go see the show... So you did it!

Leesa said...

Beautiful sweater, my dear!!! I LOVE pink!!! I loved the show... I'm going back next Sunday again!! LOVEDDD IT!! Hope you get to see it!! Leese