December 29, 2009

Le Loir dans le Théière

Gratuitous passion fruit cheesecake shots!
YUMMMMMMMM!!!! Our waiter-- who likes me, scraped the passion fruit goo from the cake plate to MY plate... an "extra" and something that I appreciated VERY much!! So, "merci beaucoup" Mr. Serveur! Sorry, but I don't know your name.


le banc moussu said...

I used to go often at loir dans la théière but I never saw that cake. I think I've to go there soon.

Leesa said...

Hi Christian....

It was okay... I really liked the abundant scoops of passion fruit that our very kind waiter bestowed upon me!
I think that my baked goods are much better, though! I'm biased and spoiled, what can I say??!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year!