December 31, 2009

Vidauban... a walk in the woods on Christmas day.

Our walk very serene and peaceful... Come take a walk over to my vacation blog to see more pics... Our Vacation Photos click HERE. Here is on of an abandoned house in ruins....


Helllllll o Everyone!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and families and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be one that shines the year through... filled with LoVe, PeAcE, PrOsPeRiTy, HaRmOnY and BrIgHtNeSs....

All my best,

December 30, 2009

Who's that girl?!!

Who's that masked women?? I look like a duck-billed platypus!!! I put on the mask at the airport to avoid everyone's
germs... coughing and nose-blowing tourists!!! Coming back from Nice....

Anyhow... It was funny because first I pretended to be very sick and everyone was eyeing me in a very suspicious
manner... Until I said to them.. "Just kidding, I'm NOT sick!" Hahahaha on them!!! Needless to say, I didn't get sick
from the airport or flight.. WHEW!!!

December 29, 2009

Me and the "gals!"

Malongo Café: 50, Rue Saint André des Arts
Had a nice afternoon with my "gals." We met at Malongo Café in the afternoon and then walked around a little in the Latin Quarter afterwards.

Great Christmas lights... light up the night!

Me n' Lois

Lois is one classy and elegant lady!! She's a French prof in Philly....

Lois and I got together yesterday in the Marais and had a nice time. She's my friend who is visiting from PHILLY!

Merci, Paris 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais

We found this store 10 minutes before closing and had to really do a "rushed" tour of the place. But, just to find it and enter was just great, too!! I'll defin. go back again and check it out when it's open!

Letters are EVERYWHERE!!

Things to buy:

Christmas bright lights... All lit up for the holidays.

Merci also has a coffeeshop and restaurant.

Le Loir dans le Théière

Gratuitous passion fruit cheesecake shots!
YUMMMMMMMM!!!! Our waiter-- who likes me, scraped the passion fruit goo from the cake plate to MY plate... an "extra" and something that I appreciated VERY much!! So, "merci beaucoup" Mr. Serveur! Sorry, but I don't know your name.

December 28, 2009



Thanks sooooo much, Cliff!

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the TOP BANANA award from my blogging friend, Cliff in Ohio @ WIXY's Gone Bananas.
Cliff said a bunch of really nice things about me on his blog here and I was deeply touched and felt very honored to receive his kind words and this really COOL award!!

Merci beaucoup, Cliff! You just made my New Year a bright one!

Dawn and Tom's Party last night...

Me, Brigitte and Dawn (the Hostess with the Mostess). We had a wonderful time at Tom and Dawn's yesterday. It was fun catching up with good friends and it was fun to meet new people, too! Great Party Tom and Dawn!! You guys outdid yourselves... Big CHAPEAU to Hélène who was was such a charming co-hostesse!

Hey!!! Where's the PARTY?!!!!!
Dawn and Tom's International Party Door! We were a VERY international crowd, to say the least!!

Me and Diane (a Canadian friend).

Brigitte and Kosta (Diane's hubby-- Greek).

Kosta's mom (Canadian/Greek) and Emoke (Hungarian)

Pretty ladies!!

Valerie et Hélène (French)

Alex and Thierry... (French)

Patrick (French), Tom's coworker Tsasuno and his wife, Yuki (Japanese)

Patrick and Flo (Aussie/French)

Every day is Christmas in Paris chez Noëlle.
A vast array of delicious appetizers... Whoooo hoooo!


I don't know the name of these delicacies, but we brought them back from Strasbourg.... They're sinfully good!