November 5, 2009

Today in Monterosso

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa..OH.....How wonderful, great photos, doing well with the montages, they are great!! :-) :-)

Notes from Noël said...

Looks absolutely amazing!!

au soleil levant said...

Wow, unbelievably gorgeous!

Leesa said...

Hi Gals,

Thanks for the comments/compliments! We're having a great time in Italia! Take care,

Susu Paris Chic said...

Looks gorgeous Leesa! I bet you're having a blast;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leesa,

This is a GORGEOUS prelude to your travel pics ! I'm honestly looking forward to the rest.

I have not been online as much but now that I have some stability in my life, I shall be around.

Take care & safe travels to you.
Your neighbor in 92 land

Cheryl said...

Wow, looks like perfect weather there in that gorgeous place. Glad you're having such a good time! C