November 23, 2009

Stuff Parisians Like -- COFFEE!!

So, if you haven't yet.. please take a trip over to Olivier's Blog, "Stuff Parisians Like." He's an actual Parisian and his blog is a nice look into the culture of Parisians- Yes, they are in their own class, quite different than the rest of the French... Just as L.A. folks are different from the rest of the Californians and New Yorkers are different then the rest of those in NY! So, read on... here.
Olivier's latest post talks about a favorite topic COFFEE and dessert.. YUM! What could be better? Okay, I left out the cheese, but the cheese stands alone this time as I continue on about my favourite of the three-- coffee!

So, I'm hoping that those of you who live in Paris who read my blog or newcomers... will stop her and leave a comment to tell me about the best coffee they have had in Paris and where I should go next to have one... Yes, I'm looking...
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and YES, Olivier... I'm hoping that you will stop by and give me your recommendations as I am not a local.. I'm in Antony, so I'm in suburbia...


Ron said...

Hi Leesa! you already know, I LOVE coffee and desserts, so this just made my mouth water!!

I think if I lived in Paris I would be hanging out at every Cafe; OD'ing on sweets and caffiene and lovin' every minute of it!

I did check out Oliver's blog and enjoyed it - what a GREAT blog!

You find the coolest blog's!

Hope you had a great day, Leesa!

It's freezing here in Philly and raining non-stop. But, you know me....I'm in heaven!!




Penny said...

Hi Leesa!

I like Olivier's blog a lot and even sent the link to a french friend who used to live in Paris - she got a real giggle out of it. I cant help you on where to get your coffee in Paris but if you ever get to Annecy, I can show you where to get the best petit café crème! The other day I had a Piemontais (sp?) which was like a petit café with a spoonful of nutella at the bottom and chantilly on the top!

Penny :)

Leesa said...

Hey Penny...

I love his blog-- so funny and witty! Hopefully, one day Alex and I will make it out your way!
That sounds YUM! Take care, Leese

Leesa said...
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Gator said...

So I'll kinda repeat what I said on Olivier's blog. ;-)

First of all, there's only one decent way to drink coffee: it's an espresso, with maybe some sugar in it, and that's all.

All of the fancy things that are popular among Americans, Mocha, Latte and other similar things are not coffee, merely coffee byproducts.

And coffee has too be bitter, it's not coffee if it's not bitter.

And full of caffeine, enough the with brown water some people call coffee...

Coffee must be drank at home or in a café (or at the office if there isn't any other option).
The place where coffee must not be drank is in a corporate place.
Drinking coffee in a chain is wrong.
It's wrong for your purse because you'll buy an overpriced product, and it's wrong for your soul, karma, whatever. What makes you think that big business coffee dealers are any different from other big businesses when it comes to exploiting people, and coffee farmers are some of the most exploited people in the world.