November 30, 2009

Celebrating the life of a wonderful woman....

Four years ago today, my mom took her last breaths and left this world. We were all with her and she is at Peace now. I will see here again, one day!
Me and my mom!

My Mom! My mom is Louise. My mom is beautiful, loving and kind. My mom is brave, strong and inspirational. My mom is special to me because she gave birth to me on Nov. 28, 1965. She nurtured me and raised me to be the special woman I am today. She supported me, put up with me, listened to me, gave me good advice, and loved me unconditionally. She was always kind and funny!! I LOVE my mom very much....

Dear Mom,
I wanted to let you know how much I miss you and that I think about you all the time... day and night! It's so hard to be without your beautiful smile, loving words, and warm hugs. You live on in my thoughts and in my heart. You are everything to me. You are the best mom EVER and you have always been there for me. I LOVE YOU MOM!!
Love, your one and only daughter, Leese

November 29, 2009

B-day dinner with friends!

Frederique's b-day was on the 26 and mine yesterday so we celebrated our b-days together over dinner... We had a great
time and I made some more yams and green beans and a cake ... It was YUMMINESS all over again!!!!!

Feels like Thanksgiving again two days later! Funny how it worked out that way!
To top it off... Lots of DELICIOUS cheeses! The nice thing about going over to someone's house for dinner is that there is always a nice choice of cheese at the end of the meal!

And then, of course... Birthday cake!

Me n' Barbara

got together last Wednesday for coffee in Antony. It's a cute little store with café in the back- just a few tables to sit down and order a nice, strong coffee! Barbara had hot choc.

Sunrise in Antony....

I took these pics last week when Alex called me over to the window to look at the sunrise! Just beautiful!

Bourg la Reine

I spend a lot of time at this particular station because a lot of my students are in Sceaux, and I have to change here to take the line to Sceaux, just one stop from here but a bit to far to walk when I'm in a hurry! It's a nice little town, too.. and it's close to where my dear friend, Barbara, lives!! Helloooooo Barbara!!!

Just waiting for the train to go home with nothing much to do but wait.. I had my camera with me so I thought I'd entertain myself by taking some pics...

November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!

It's now "officially" my BIRTHDAY!! It's number 44 this year, in case any of you are wondering! I'm proud of my age and don't want to hide it... Though I'm no longer a spring chicken... I am still fit and looking good!

Well, I'm not trying to toot my own horn.. but maybe I'm fishing for compliments.. Okay, go ahead... it's my birthday, so I'm not turning anything done today!!! Heheh!!!

Please feel free to stop by and leave a comment today... and I will be VERY GRATEFUL and HAPPY!!

November 26, 2009

My Third Thanksgiving in France...

And it keeps getting more and more delicious with each passing year! Here's what we had tonight for Thanksgiving! It was me, Alex, and our friend and fellow Antonian neighbour... Animesh! Here is my plate of plenty... I can't believe how much food we had... One plate was definitely enough... and DELISH!!!This is the most delicious cranberry sauce I have ever made-- I used a cinnamon stick and four whole cloves.. some orange juice and some of the orange pump... and a few drops of water.
The stuffing was DELIGHTFUL.. It's my uncle's recipe... It's always a winner! In it are: dates, prunes, dried apricots, toasted pecans, celery, apple and onion... Not to mention dried rosemary and thyme picked by Alex's mom in Provence..
Green beans... Yes.. I needed a healthy dish... almond slices, garlic and scallions fried up in tasty olive oil... The green beans were steamed and cooked before adding to the frying pan.
Alex's DELISH chicken that he marinated in olive oil and rosemary, hot chili peppers and bay leaves last night. OH SOOO GOOD!
Most delish yams EVER!!! Cut up pieces of pineapple, pecans and pineapple rings with marshmallows on top-- I drizzled maple syrup on them last! A hit!!!!