October 19, 2009

Trying and buying.... Oh là là!.

Alex had fun tasting the wine!

We all had fun buying the wine, that means we get to take it home and drink it!! YUM!!!!

Alex and Ken bring the wine out to the car....

Here is the please to go to buy wine when your in the neigbourhood:

And don't forget

"A meal without wine is like a song without music." Soooo true!


Notes from Noël said...

I'll have to check it out. I LOVE French wine!!

Barbara said...

Hi Leese,
Les vins du Val de Loire, that is great stuff. In our home,my MIL's family swore by that( since the family was from Touraine).We do enjoy the white wines from there.

Enjoy but "avec modération" ;)


Anonymous said...

uh! a mean ? or a meal?

did I miss something during my english training?

Leesa said...

Dawn... DO!!! You won't be sorry!

Babara .... You're MIL was right... Moderation, too! Yes!! I can't help it b/c I can't really drink much anyways... I'm getting there, though!

Leesa said...

Anon-- Who are you? Is it Gary? Tony?? or someone I don't know... Tell me, please... I'm curious!

It's meal, thanks for catching that typo!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Leesa