October 22, 2009

The Sushi Shop in Antony

Just a few weeks ago, a new sushi resto opened in the spot where my once FAVOURITE cute little mom 'n pop sandwich shop/coffee shop was... They shut their doors and moved out RIGHT before I went away this summer... I was SUPREMELY bummed to lose this little gem... It was my social "hang out" in Antony and I was starting to meet other Antonians and have a nice time chatting with the staff and the owner's mom... I spent many hours in between teaching classes their for a coffee or lunch or a treat... it was a great shop and I really miss it!

What took its place? A sushi restaurant! I was at first VERY weary about this because the one other sushi resto I know of in town is just AWFUL and you can tell that everything is prepared way in advance - like maybe the day before! Well, hats off to this new pristine fusion sushi chain that is making its way around France and through Europe. I stopped in with Barbara on Wed. to check out it out and to ask some questions and their menus are just gorgeous and the sushi looks to pretty to eat! They even have edamame and handrolls on the menu... I'm a HAPPY camper!
Here is their website: The Sushi Shop
and check out their new collection- here
You can browse through the CARTE on their website to view the beautiful photography of the items on the menu.... Makes me drool!!
It's in the Antony Centre, right next to the Monoprix....


garcal said...

Trop bon !! je me suis régalé (il faut voir mon sourire) avec une bonne biere Japonaise

Leesa said...

Glad you liked it, honey!! Me, too!!

Nadege said...

That is the thing with Californians : we love our sushi (99% of us anyway). I didn't know that "Fusion sushi" was now in Europe. Japanese food must be coming more and more popular there. I wouldn't be able to tell what my favorite food is since I love dishes from anywhere in the world.

Carolyn said...

Your photos are SO great, Leesa, and the sushi resto was brilliant, as was today's company.

Thanks again for including us - loved it all.


Leesa said...

Hi Nadege--

Yep.. and it's a great chain.. Very clean and not like the other sushi restos in Paris.. Of course, I've never been to the Japanese row to have the real "authentic" sushi... but this is the same level of sushi I'd eat in California... and I really like it!
Sorry it took me so long to respond.. My comments get lost in my email!
Take care,


Thanks so much... We had a great time with you and Clive.. Can't wait until your next trip over here....
A+ Leesa