October 19, 2009

Off to a GREAT start!

So, as you know... we spent yesterday with Ken, Walt and Mlle. Callie! We got there around 11 am so we had some time to use up before heading over to the local viticulture, who is a neighbour and friend of Walt and Ken's. Walt made some tartes salés aux blettes (which is one of my fav. leafy green veggies). I got started on cutting up the veggies for the tagine, and Alex helped.
Here's what we started with:
Fresh tomatoes from the garden!

Time to get choppin'!!!

Ready to go into the oven... YUMM YUMM!!! Great job, Walt!


wcs said...

Who's this "Will" guy?? :)


Leesa said...

OH MG!! Tooo funny!! Sorry, Walt!! You know, I always want to call you Will, I have absolutely NO idea why, though... So, me thinks it's one of those subliminal slips.. Whoopsie!! hehe... Thanks!