October 7, 2009

Me, Barbara and Anna

We are here LIVE at McDo with Anna and her cute son, Jerome! Anna is originally from NY and lives here in Antony! A new neighbour!!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How great that you have got a new neighbour..Anna will have so much fun with you all :-) and she got to meet Barbara too!! :-) take care all..hugs Anne

garcal said...

Une autre Américaine à Antony ? incroyable !
Il va y avoir une grande communauté Américaine à Antony :o)

Leesa said...

Hi Anne--

YaY!! It's an American invasion!! Glad to have meet Anna and Gerome... She's very nice and her little son is a doll... I'm glad Barbara came along, too!

Hi Alex!

Oui... incroyable!!! Leese

debi_in_Hawaii said...


Buenos dias, senor Alejandro LOL

74WIXYgrad said...

I must say that you look stunning, as usual.

And I'm glad you have a new neighbor from the good ole U.S.of A. Just tell her that I hate the Yankees.

Leesa said...

Hi Cliff,

That's very sweet! It's nice to have another "Yankee" in the hood!! hehehehe!! I'll let her know.. But, I must tell you that in '77/'78 The Yanks were my FAV team!!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!!

Barbara said...

Hey Leesa,

I had a great time meeting Anna & Jerome !

Leesa said...

Me, too! Thanks for coming, Barbara!!