October 26, 2009

Leesa n' Lindsey in Paris today... with friends and NEW friends!

Hey Everyone!

Lindsey's here and we're makin' waves in Pah-ree! We met up for lunch at Exki in the 9th and then headed over to Malongo for coffee with Susan and Cyr. It was a GREAT day!
Lindsey, me, Dianella, and Noëlle

Say "Cheese," Sacré Coeur--------- "Fromage."

Me, Noëlle, Linds, Susan and Cyr
This guy was standing there on the phone and suddenly JUMPED into the photo as I snapped it, HILARIOUS!! He must be a Sag, like me... Only Sags do things like that!!! He wasn't Irish, though... I think he was French.
Pristine Halloween Pub shot... Hey, where's the phone guy?!!
Me, Lindsey and Noëlle...

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow that looks like loads and loads of fun!!!! Oh I must stop reading your blog (Only Joking)..I miss you all.

Nice to meet Lindsey and all your other friends, you snazzy women!!

Hugs Anne xoxo