October 23, 2009

An impromtu get together in Antony..

Our favourite couple from Oz, Clive and Carolyn, are visiting at the moment and we were lucky to have them join us today at a very quickly planned lunch in my town, Antony! Carolyn is the author of My Sydney Paris Life-- check it out!
Carolyn, Clive, Barbara, and Noêlle
I got in on the action in this pic and for once I turned out cute, I don't know why Carolyn and Clive came out so light, though? Hmmmmmm!! Must have been the flash??


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wooohoooo how great that you all got to meet up..:-) and with Dawn and Barbara too!! Brilliant.

Who took the second photo, because you are all in the shot.

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Yes... pretty cool!!! Some guy sitting on the other side of us offered to take our pic.. Nice!

Carolyn said...

Leesa, thanks so much for including us - we enjoyed the company and the restaurant - all wonderful.

And for anyone reading this comment, Leesa's Halloween choc chip cookies with Barbara's pumpkins from Canada on top were THE BEST CHOCOLATE COOKIES IN THE WORLD. Take it from one who has tried thousands of chocolate cookies: Leesa can bake. We are talking world class cookies!


Anne, next time you'll be there too!


Leesa said...

Hi Carolyn!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! It was a pleasure to see you and Clive again and to be able to have a get together with our little group!
Thanks so much for the compliment on my cookies... I just made some more today for some of my students and I used a little less coco powder... the ones you guys ate, I did a whoops and too much fell into the batter so they were a little more chocolatey than called for... But, I'm glad that everyone enjoyed them !!
Take care and hope to see you next time around...