October 31, 2009

Halloween in Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Everyone....
It doesn't really feel like Halloween today, but that's just fine by me! I'm up and having breakfast at our hotel... It's really nice here and MUCH more quiet than the youth hostel in Madrid! I am posting my pictures here so have a look.
It's a cool and sunny morning so far and not too many people are around for breakfast... which is fine, too. Yesterday, we met some nice families who are staying here- from Germany.... a Colombian woman, her German hubby and their son. We also met a couple from London- a British woman and her Brasilian boyfriend. Very nice people.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa....SUPER TIME, SUPER PHOTOS. Looks great fun, thanks for sharing !! :-) Hugs Anne..

btw ..I love all the places cannot say which I prefer...Thanks for taking us on this wonderful trip!!

Carolyn said...

Awesome ceiling photos!

Paris misses you but Lisbon looks great.

Cheers and thanks for the tour.

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Yep!! Lisbon was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The trip was so fantastic that I can't wait to do another one! Oh.. that would be on Monday!! heheheh... I'll see you in under two weeks now!

Hi Carolyn,

Lisbon IS great and it was fun to practice my Portuguese!!!