October 11, 2009

Cinematic Passions

by Amanda Wilding;

Just found this gem of a blog last week and I encourage you to check it out....


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Just stopped by to catch up on some of your posts, but wanted to leave my comment here.

I stopped by the blog you recommended and WOW...I LOVE it! Being a big film lover, I will definitely be dropping by her blog regularly. Thanks for sharing that!

And as always...I LOVE your photos.

The ones of the figs above made my mouth water! OMG...they look ORGASMIC!!!

Hope you had a great day, my friend! And are enjoying being back at school.


Leesa said...

Hey Ron!

Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to have you visit!!! Glad you liked the figs... The carmalized sugar sauce (which turned a beautiful shade of purple) turned out very nicely!!

Take care and have a great day!