October 18, 2009

A busy week indeed!

It's been a week of bloggers for me and Alex! On Wednesday, we welcomed, Betty- from La France Profonde, who was in Paris for business for the day. She stayed the night at our humble abode and we had a great time over dinner just chatting away! It was great to finally meet Betty in person as it's been probably over a year now that we have been talking about meeting one another but the timing was right on Wednesday.

Today, we spent the entire day and evening with Walt and Ken! It was a GREAT day, as usual with them. We got there early in the a.m. and went for a visit to on of their viticulture neighbours... got the tour of area- and had a private wine tasting in the cave. While Walt and Ken filled their jugs with wine from the cuve while Alex and I left with 10 bottles! A great day for wine!! The viticulture was a very nice and humorous fellow!

Pictures of our Sunday with Walt, Ken and Callie to follow... Gotta upload them to my photo library!!

We had a FANTASTIQUE day!! Thanks Walt et Ken!


Betty C. said...

I love your "photo" of me! LOL! That made me smile as I get in gear for a busy week...I'm also sending you a message on FB.

Hampers said...

Good that you are having a busy week. enjoyed your blog very much. expecting some more picture of Sunday on your blog. keep it up the good work.

Leesa said...

Hi Betty...

Hehe!! Glad you like the photo! Have a wonderful week.. I read your message and I would definitely love to send a pcard... Thanks, Leesa

Hampers- Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment! I like your array of things for sale on your website... Please stop by again sometime... Leesa

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa..Wow a great bloggers week for you and Alex...such a great time. I must go and look at Betty's blog, had a quick look earlier.

You, Alex, Walt and Ken are becoming such great friends, I think that it is brilliant, and you all had a fantastic time together. And all that wine..wooohooo take care love to you both anne xx