October 17, 2009

Back in June - meeting Alisa from "Notre Vie Juteuse"

We had the opportunity to meet up with a favourite blogger (Alisa from "Notre Vie Jutuse") who was visiting Paris... We made or way over to our fav. spot- Le Loir .... in the Marais and had a nice time together.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Snazzy ladies out to lunch, one of our favourite places too!! Great to meet Alisha...pleased you all had a good time :-) hugs anne x

Leesa said...
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Leesa said...

Alisa..... Yes, it was a great time.... Hugs, Leesa

Betty C. said...

Wonderful picture! I'm so sorry I didn't get to see them again. And it's too bad we didn't get any pictures of our visit together, Leesa; I didn't even have my camera and didn't really have blogging on my mind.

I did mention our meeting up in a post on La France Profonde today:


Bon dimanche! And I know it will be if you've kept the plans you had, hehe!