October 31, 2009

Halloween in Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Everyone....
It doesn't really feel like Halloween today, but that's just fine by me! I'm up and having breakfast at our hotel... It's really nice here and MUCH more quiet than the youth hostel in Madrid! I am posting my pictures here so have a look.
It's a cool and sunny morning so far and not too many people are around for breakfast... which is fine, too. Yesterday, we met some nice families who are staying here- from Germany.... a Colombian woman, her German hubby and their son. We also met a couple from London- a British woman and her Brasilian boyfriend. Very nice people.

First coffee and tapas in Spain....

Great cafe.... only 1 euro 50 for a cafe con leche....

Tortilla espanola and a bagette ... Very Spano-French...

Tapas compliments from our waiter...
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October 30, 2009

Sangria in Madrid

Lindsey and I really enjoyed drinking some really delicious sangria in Spain. We also enjoyed some other fine mixed drinks, as well!
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October 26, 2009

Hola Madrid....

We'll be off on the first leg of our trip tomorrow VERY EARLY! Don't forget to check HERE for travel photos... I'll also post on Facebook...

Adios......... Leesa

Leesa n' Lindsey in Paris today... with friends and NEW friends!

Hey Everyone!

Lindsey's here and we're makin' waves in Pah-ree! We met up for lunch at Exki in the 9th and then headed over to Malongo for coffee with Susan and Cyr. It was a GREAT day!
Lindsey, me, Dianella, and Noëlle

Say "Cheese," Sacré Coeur--------- "Fromage."

Me, Noëlle, Linds, Susan and Cyr
This guy was standing there on the phone and suddenly JUMPED into the photo as I snapped it, HILARIOUS!! He must be a Sag, like me... Only Sags do things like that!!! He wasn't Irish, though... I think he was French.
Pristine Halloween Pub shot... Hey, where's the phone guy?!!
Me, Lindsey and Noëlle...

October 25, 2009

Cute brothers from Vampire Diaries

**Picture taken from the internet

La Jolla California

A former student of mine in La Jolla took these pictures... Great job, Lydia.

Quiche anyone?

This was dinner tonight! Lindsey is here now and Animesh came over for dinner... Here's what we had. It was yummy!

Tarte tartin aux poireaux -- WALT

DAMN, that is beautiful... I thought when I checked out Walt's latest post just now! I just LOVE this picture and then looking at the rest of them-- see here -- made me DROOL!!! I'm sure this creation was simply D-LISH!! Goooo Walt!!!! YUMMMM!!!!

October 23, 2009

The Sushi Shop with friends

An impromtu get together in Antony..

Our favourite couple from Oz, Clive and Carolyn, are visiting at the moment and we were lucky to have them join us today at a very quickly planned lunch in my town, Antony! Carolyn is the author of My Sydney Paris Life-- check it out!
Carolyn, Clive, Barbara, and Noêlle
I got in on the action in this pic and for once I turned out cute, I don't know why Carolyn and Clive came out so light, though? Hmmmmmm!! Must have been the flash??

Lemonade... It was good!

Happy Halloween Cookies....

I got the recipe for All Recipes - here if anyone is interested!

I made these cookies (choc. choc. chip) for my students and some of my friends... They turned out nicely...

My friend, Babarba, brought me back the pumpkins from her trip to Canada last month... They sure came in handy as we don't have anything like this in France!
Thanks Barbara!!! Everyone liked the cookies...

October 22, 2009

The Sushi Shop in Antony

Just a few weeks ago, a new sushi resto opened in the spot where my once FAVOURITE cute little mom 'n pop sandwich shop/coffee shop was... They shut their doors and moved out RIGHT before I went away this summer... I was SUPREMELY bummed to lose this little gem... It was my social "hang out" in Antony and I was starting to meet other Antonians and have a nice time chatting with the staff and the owner's mom... I spent many hours in between teaching classes their for a coffee or lunch or a treat... it was a great shop and I really miss it!

What took its place? A sushi restaurant! I was at first VERY weary about this because the one other sushi resto I know of in town is just AWFUL and you can tell that everything is prepared way in advance - like maybe the day before! Well, hats off to this new pristine fusion sushi chain that is making its way around France and through Europe. I stopped in with Barbara on Wed. to check out it out and to ask some questions and their menus are just gorgeous and the sushi looks to pretty to eat! They even have edamame and handrolls on the menu... I'm a HAPPY camper!
Here is their website: The Sushi Shop
and check out their new collection- here
You can browse through the CARTE on their website to view the beautiful photography of the items on the menu.... Makes me drool!!
It's in the Antony Centre, right next to the Monoprix....