September 11, 2009

We will never forget.....


On September 11th we woke to a normal morning and got ready for the day.
We never expected the tragedy that was headed our way.
We got ready for school and work; we didn't want to be late,
Not knowing we'd never forget this horrifying date.

We started our routines, and planned for a busy time,
Until we got the call through the telephone line.
We turned on the TV just as we were told,
And watched as our hands started to grow very cold.

New York was full of smoke like a very foggy morning,
Because a plane had struck a building without a single warning.
We all watched in silence as the second building was hit,
I could not believe it, NO not one bit!

As we watched the first tower collapse and saw the people jumping,
We had to look away for our hearts were surely pumping.
When the second tower collapsed, tears fell from my eyes,
I thought of all those people that lost their lives.

© 2/23/03 -Roman Widdig
7th Grade - 13 yrs old

From Wikipedia:

Mark Kendall Bingham (May 22, 1970 in PhoenixArizona – September 11, 2001 in ShanksvillePennsylvania) was an American public relations executive who founded his own company, the Bingham Group. He died at age 31 in theSeptember 11, 2001 terrorist attack on board United Airlines Flight 93.

Thank you to all the firefighters, police, paramedics, security guards, city workers, and people who the worked to help others during this tragic event.  


Nadege said...

It is always sad to see pictures of people who died, particularly during 9/11.
I hope you feel better. For me, Advil cold and sinus really works well. And lots of rest too.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A very very tragic day Leesa, very sad :-( beyond words. x

Leesa said...

Nadege- I know... It tears your heart apart.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Anne-- Yes.. beyond words!