September 27, 2009

Little Miss Cupcake in Paris...

Yesterday, West coast gal (me) met East coast gal (Cat) and her adorably, cute daughter at Synie's Cupcakery in Paris. Cat and I are both cupcake specialists, she's in Paris center and I'm down in the south of Paris (just outside).

We have been corresponding by email for months now, sharing our thoughts about different cupcake topics... We really wanted to meet but life has been busy and so it wasn't until yesterday... (FINALLY) that Cat and I were able to meet in person for the first time!!! YAYYYY!!!

I was really excited to meet Cat, as I have been a big fan of her cupcakes (just from seeing them here). She brought some of her yummy cupcakes to sample and I brought her a few of mine... Together at Synies... we tasted Synie's cupcakes and our cupcakes and came out with a "sugar high" that lasted quite awhile! Cat's cupcakes were really the closest I have tasted to the "real thing."

Like my own cupcakes, Cat's cupcakes are those that I remember best from my early years, back in grade school, when my mom used to bake cupcakes for my b-day and bring them in to my class to share with my classmates... It's really hard to find that quality cupcake because you really have to have the right texture and sweetness (not too sweet) along with a really yummy frosting... Hats off to you Cat... for accomplishing all three of these things...
Cat, you are the TOP in my book!!!!

About Cat:
Of all the Americans in Paris I know, she one is by far the "sweetest." Cat Brunier, is "Little Miss Cupcake in Paris," a traiteur of cupcakes who bakes up her cupcakes in the style and taste that we all remember with great nostalgia from our childhood days, when mom used to bake up a few batches of delicious cupcakes on our birthday. These cupcakes were proudly taken to school with us on our special day, and shared with our classmates after lunch. WHO doesn't remember those good ol' days with those delicious little delicacies?! This is the way that I remember the cupcakes of my youth: "light, moist, airy, delicious and with a beautifully piped-on icing that made your mouth water in anticipation of the first bite!

Well, Cat's cupcakes are the vision and taste of the past.... Here you have not only beautiful cupcakes, but delicious ones, as well.... You can't go wrong with that, and what's even better... Cat is a specialist in cupcakes and makes them available for you to share at your parties, events and other special occasions..... You can order them directly from her website:
Little Miss Cucpake in Paris.....

**Special note to Cat!
It was sooo great to finally meet you after corresponding by email for so many months now! We are going to have to get together again sometime soon.... For now, I'll look forward to seeing all of your beautiful cupcakes on your website... while I droll over my screen!!
** Pictures used here were taken from Cat's website, Little Miss Cupcake in Paris (in English)
French version HERE.


Little Miss Cupcake said...

ah, shucks, i'm blushing. thanks for this oh so sweet post!

Betty C. said...

These cupcakes are absolutely adorable. I haven't seen any around Rodez yet, I guess the trend hasn't hit here.

Hope we're still on for the 14th!

Bonne soirée!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Those Hello Kitty cupcakes are just so adorable... I'd love to have some. You must be aware of my life-long infatuation with that cutesy creature! If you haven't, next time when you see me with one of my Hello Kitty bags, you'll know why;)

Have a great week Leesa! We're heading to the Riviera on Friday for a week of sun and glamour - visiting Cannes and Monaco!

Barbara said...

Just lovely :)
I'll have to try them one day too. Cat, Leesa knows her cupcakes !
Wishing Cat lots of success.

Leesa said...

Hi Cat!!

Your cupcakes are really delicious!! I'm really happy we got to meet in person!! Thanks!!!! Leesa

Susa- I didn't know you were a fan of Hello Kitty, too!! Me, too!! Have a wonderful trip down south!!!

Barbara --We'll have to get together again soon... Next time, you come.