September 4, 2009

Jess and Nico's picnic last week....

Let the PICNIC begin!!!!
cake salé

The "SPREAD!" Check out the cupcakes (more pics down the line).

The tomato, mozzerella, and fresh basil from the garden salad was delightful!!

Alex partaking....

Alex posing for the camera!
People unsuspectingly photographed!
No one noticed me snapping away!
The "picnic" spot!  Great spot!!!
Great spot for Alex!!

Even GREATER spot for Nico.. our host with the most-- shut eye!! 
Good night everyone!!

P.S.  And NOW for dessert.....
I made one bowl Baker's Chocolate Brownies with walnuts and chocolate/white chocolate chunks!
Jess made ginger citrus cupcakes.. YUMMMMM!! Notice the frosting looks like drip castles we used to build at the beach when we were kids!

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