September 17, 2009

Coffee cake King Arthur Flour style!

I recently found this website, King Arthur Flour, in which there are a gazillion great recipes!
I was really interested in trying this one out, and so, since I stayed home all day today, I did!!!
To find the recipe for Cinnamon-Streusel coffee cake click HERE.  You won't be sorry!!! In fact, all of your friends will love you!  
 It turned out deliciously!!   And I had it with an afternoon coffee!  Parfait!


Cheryl said... keep reminding me how much I've always wanted to become a good baker. I dabble in it now and then but never enough to improve. maybe because I know I'd end up eating the whole thing. Most of my friends are perpetually on diets...

Leesa said...

You're welcome for the reminder, Cheryl!! Well, now you can hop to it, since I left the link for the website... Just check out the recipes and jump in!!!
Take care, Leese