September 8, 2009

American, French and English bulldog puppies- soo cute!

Okay folks! We ALL know that puppies are just SOOOOO cute!!! Well, I have been seeing a lot of bulldogs around and wanted to show you all how cute they are as pups!! You just want them!!!!
Cute American Bulldog pups!

French Bulldog pups

English Bulldog pups

**All pics taken from the internet...


Notes from Noël said...

Too cute!! Which one are you getting?? I can dog sit at any time for you!

Nadege said...

Don't you have a dog Leesa? I think one of these puppies could be yours.

Leesa said...

Hey Noelle,

I'll take them ALL!! They're ALL sooo cute!!!

Nadege... No dog, we just gave up Noelle (hedgie). I wish one of them were ours.. but I would want them to stay as a puppy forever!!!