September 7, 2009

Are you SURE this is Paris??!!!

Ever since I lived here, I have "dreamed" of seeing something like this as a weather forecast... I had to look twice, though... and question whether this is the REAL weather forecast for Paris... You tell me what you think!!!!

Very warm with sunshine
Low: 17 °C
High: 27 °C
Remaining warm with sunshine
Low: 16 °C
High: 27 °C
Low: 15 °C
High: 23 °C
Warm with plenty of sunshine
Low: 16 °C
High: 25 °C
Warm with brilliant sunshine
Low: 16 °C
High: 26 °C
Abundant sunshine
Low: 11 °C
High: 21 °C


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

hi Leesa, I had really sunny days when I was there too, but oh I get you, do you mean because it is september x x

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Yeh.. You had really GREAT weather during you time here! Yayy!!! No, not because it's Spet... but because since I've lived here... I've never seen that many consecutive days of sun!!!!! : )
Take care and have a great day!

David said...

I wouldn't believe any Parisian forecast past three days in the future.
But it's true that for some mysterious reason, September tends to be the most decent month of the year in Paris.

But the Weather Channel (the most accurate forecast that I know of) says it's gonna rain on Sep 15 and 16 (and doesn't go further because it's totally unrealistic to predict any weather in France past 9 days)

Notes from Noël said...

Oh my gosh - I'm on my way to Paris. Oops...never mind, I'm already here!! How cool is that!! I'm not sure if I've ever told you, but... I LOVE PARIS!!!!