September 2, 2009

Anne's leaving....

Bye Anne!!! We'll miss your bright smile here in Paris!! It was such great fun having you here for so long... We're glad you had such a great time and felt so at home!! Can't wait to see all of your wonderful pics!!!
Have a safe trip back home and see you in England soon!!
Hugs, Leese


Barbara said...

Hi Lees,

Yes Anne, we will miss you. We all enjoyed having you as a neighbor for 10 days !

I second that Leesa, see you in England soon :)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Leesa, Thank you so much, this is sooo sweet of you. :-) I am going to miss you all, it was sooo much fun, and our chats and walks etc...!!

I am home now in Arni's den, oh boy, how different it is here, feels sooo small and dark, I might have to sneak back to the apartment :-) :-) I don't think they would notice me!! Hugs Anne

Take care and see you in the UK soon x

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Glad you made it back safely!! It was really a lot of fun hanging out with you and having you here with us... Hope you come back again soon!!!

I don't think they would notice you if you came back... ; )